• Exciting upcoming reviews

    I've got some exciting reviews coming in the pipeline over the next several weeks and I thought I'd share what they are so you can be on the lookout.

    HWG-STe ethernet thermometer

    HWg-STE: Ethernet SNMP thermometer

    The HWg-STE ethernet SNMP thermometer is aimed more at businesses, data centers, food service and industry, but could readily cross-polinate to the home network. It supports up to two temperature/humidity sensors, has a built-in web server, can send alerts, and is highly configurable. It could easily be used for monitoring home theater closet temps, network closet temps, icebox temps, and the like.

    tuxgraphics smartphone garage door opener

    Tuxgraphics Smartphone garage door opener

    Definitely a do-it-yourself project, the Tuxgraphics garage door opener does what the new Craftsmen AssureLink system does, connects your garage door to the network and allows you to run it by smartphone, without the yearly maintenance contract. It hasn't arrived yet, but from the looks it takes a little electrical know-how and some hands on work vs being an out of the box solution. But that's ok, I like projects.

    Blue Iris video security software
    Synology Surveillance Station

    Blue Iris video security software vs the Synology Surveillance Station

    Blue Iris software is the de facto Holy Grail of video surveillance software. In a few weeks I'll be comparing Blue Iris against the Surveillance Station that comes standard (for one camera) on Synology NASes.

    Mezzmo DLNA media server
    Mezzmo DLNA media server

    More than likely this review will publish on SmallNetBuilder, I'll take a look at using Mezzmo DLNA media server to transcode video to finicky DLNA devices that may not support the format your media is in. This is important when looking at all the new devices out today, some don't support a lot of formats, but with Mezzmo you can still use them with no problem.

    Skype GE31591GE1 VoIP phone

    GE31591GE1 VoIP phone with built-in Skype service

    Exploring other options for VoIP than Vonage, we took a 3-month test of a Skype-purchased accessory. Compared to Vonage, it turned out to be neither cheap, nor hassle-free. Stay tuned for it's review.