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    GE31591GE1 VoIP phone with built-in Skype service

    We needed a home phone solution. Like many others, a few years ago we had said goodbye to our landline and all the fees associated with it, using only our cell phones. This worked well for us, however our daughter has entered the pre-teen years and that means lots of phone time. We weren't really sold on a cell phone for her as it could cause undue distractions from school, and realistically that age we didn't find to be responsible enough for one. But the flip side to that being our phones were now getting called and tied up nearly non-stop at night. We'd used Vonage in the past with great success, but at $25.99 a month, the price wasn't as good as we hoped. We also use Skype for video chatting between the kids and their grandparents and noticed Skype had VoIP phones, so we thought we would give them a shot instead, reasoning it may be more economical than Vonage. What we found out after 3 months, was that although adequate, Skype VoIP was neither less expensive nor less problematic.