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    Every time I say "simple bat file" I get flashbacks to my old shop teacher Mr. Lambert. He was a brilliant wood craftsman and we were all simply a bunch of clowns. While he was instructing us on how to make something in the perfect way that he did it, he would always start by saying, "you make yourself a jig". In a way, a bat file feels to me like a jig. Sure there are more eloquent ways of doing it and you could go nuts and make a Frankenstein-ish monster, but sometimes it's just easier to write a bat file quick. In the interest of creating usable content to get this going, I offer some of my simple home network scripts and bat files. In this case, monitoring Windows server DHCP leases. Useful where you are paranoid that someone may have gotten past your wireless security... The caveat here being that this works for sure on Windows Server 2003, I haven't tested on 2008 yet as I have access to none.
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