View Full Version : SmbAuthException errror

03-11-2012, 02:32 PM

I am using sweethome v 3.149 alfa, on a Galaxy S2.

whenever I try uploading pictures I get an smb.SmbAuthException: Access is denied message.

I am connecting as Guest, without username or password.

I used to be able to upload to that machine, and haven't changed anything on my PC (that I am aware of)

In the PC (Windows 7) the directory is shared, and check now in settings reports that the settings are ok.

Using ES File Explorer, I can access the shared folder, and read/write files to it.

I tried uninstalling the app, and reinstalling, but that didn't help.

I tried both permission settings (NTLM), each time restarting the phone without success.

03-12-2012, 01:24 PM
Thanks for making contact. This issue is known but proves quite hard to resolve without compromising functionality for other users. Still working on it though and hope to be able to post a resolution through this week.

03-12-2012, 10:20 PM
A workaround is to enter Guest as user name. Will work hard to resolve this better though...