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  1. Feature request - Continuous mode
  2. Android version?
  3. Can I write a note when using the command line
  4. Feature Request - Multiple Streams with Aggregate Throughput Values
  5. How about a Mac client
  6. HTTP/FTP support for testing Internet and LAN connections
  7. LAN Speed Test v3 features!
  8. LAN Speed Test v3.0 has been released!
  9. Chromebook (Chrome Web Store) Version?
  10. LST Speed Test Server - Better formatted results table
  11. LAN Speed Test v3.2 has just been released!
  12. Rate Limited Testing
  13. reports
  14. Mac Client (Lite) is ready for testing!
  15. Free Client with paid Server
  16. Write or Read Test Only?
  17. UDP Throughput benchmark
  18. Increase Number of Simultaneous Streams to 10 Across the Board
  19. Hosted LST server
  20. Measure by traffic type
  21. Possibility to swap between the log window and the main window
  22. More flexibility scheduling repeat tests
  23. simultaneous bidirectional test for wifi tested
  24. Log output to Performance Monitor
  25. LAN cable speed test