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Thread: Unable to use custom directories - 3.144 alfa

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    Unable to use custom directories - 3.144 alfa

    3.144 alfa (the term is "alpha" usually, btw)

    My phone has only one folder that it doesn't media index or whatever, so I have to go manually add all the folders.
    The problem is I cannot get it to work!

    Settings -> Advanced -> Manual path entry, specific folders
    Tried /sdcard/picturesFolder - hit back, get Toast "settings OK", hit back then Upload Now -> I see Operation Failed notification with detail of "SweetHome! service bException: The parameter is incorrect."
    Then I tried /sdcard/picturesFolder/ (with the end /) - same thing.

    Oddly enough the Collections selection shows the subfolder "picturesFolder" correctly, so what is wrong? Do I need to do something like /sdcard/picturesFolder/* ? The path is correct, I'm sure of it.

    Note that the app works fine regularly with the media indexed folders if I do not use the manual path list.

    As a side note, it would be awesome to just be able to add manual folders instead of having to completely replace the 4 correctly media indexed folder with my manual list.


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    Sorry about the trouble. The folder name could include the trailing / (but is not hard-coded for it), but no * or other wildcard characters.
    It may be white space sensitive, so please add no extra spaces at the beginning or end. Separate multiple folder names with , or ; characters, either works. The whole path name is case sensitive, and refers to the local path on your device, most likely beginning with /mnt/sdcard ...
    You can add folders directly containing the files, or folders containing one level of sub-folders.

    Having said all of that, my suspicion is that there may be some other problem at play here. Do any files at all get created on the network share?


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