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    Q: RSS feed of


    I didn't realize where to publish my questioning. It is more of a technical question regarding the forum, so sorry if "Home network advice" might be the incorrect area.

    My name is Alejandro and I'm 23 years old. I have been reading on for a couple of days and now I made the decision to take part.

    Enough blabla ... my question is if there is a chance to receive recent threads via RSS feed? I enjoy reading fresh posts of my favorite blogs with Opera so it would be nice to also be able to check what's going on on in my RSS-reader.

    It would be nice if you could tell me the link to the feed. Thanks!


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    Hi Alejandro, I believe there is, let me dig a little bit. The article section has it's own RSS feed, you can see the little RSS icon next to News and Reviews, the url is

    As far as the forum RSS, I'll have to look at that. Sorry, this post got flagged as spam for some reason and I didn't see it until now.
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