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Thread: Wifi Analyzer Alternatives for iOS

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    Wifi Analyzer Alternatives for iOS

    Android has some really good apps that can scan your network, search for nearby Wifi signals, and provide other useful network information. One such app is Wifi Analyzer. Unfortunately we don't have any Android phones in our house any longer, so I was forced to find some iOS alternatives.

    Here are some free apps that I found.

    1. HE.NET Network Tool
    2. Fing - Network Scanner
    3. Apple's AirPort Utility

    HE Network Tools provides you with a plethora of network tools and information. It is completely free. No Ads or account needed.

    Fing provides some of the same network information as HE Network Tools, but also includes some that it doesn't. You don't have to create a Fing account to use the app, but they state there is some loss of functionality. They also have a small section promoting their Fing product, which seems reasonable to me.

    Airport Utility seemed useless to me at first glance since I don't have any AirPort base stations. The trick is to go into Settings -> AirPort Utility and turn on Wi-Fi Scanner. Then go back into the app and you'll have the option to use the app as a Wifi scanner.

    Does anyone else know of any other good networking tools for iOS? I focused on the free apps as I simply wanted to know which access point (BSSID) my phone was connected to as I walked around my house. All the radios on our wireless router and access point have the same SSID/password so I couldn't figure out which my phone was actually connected to. Our router and AP support 802.11k and so do a lot of our devices (iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc). The goal of 802.11k is to aid in smart/seamless roaming, but it won't work if everything doesn't support it (the router/controller, APs, and clients). I wanted to verify roaming was working correctly (no sticky devices) in our house. That's the reason I went searching for these apps in the first place.

    Carry on...

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    Try Wifiman from Ubiquiti, probably one of the better ones out there.
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