I am no networking specialist so please be patient.......

I have some webdomains like www.myhome.com

and at home I have a webserver running, QNAP NAS, and a Unifi server (for wireless access points).

The problem I have is the QNAP keeps wanting an SSL certificat and the Unifi Server also wanst an SSL certificat....... and that is a pain.

So this is were I am a bit lost or do not understand the concept on how this works........

Should I setup an DynDNS to point at my home and then forweard my domain " www.myhome.com" from the internet to my home ?

will that not be more unsecure for my home network ? so anyone typing in url "www.myhome.com" would connect to my home router, is that safe ?

But in order to get SSL certificat I guess I need to do that correct ?

should I then make a Virtual machine and point that to the NAS ? ( I mean "nas.myhome.com" )

and to UNIFI server ? ( i mean "unifi.myhome.com" )

Do I need to setup a Bind DNS for that ?

how does this work with the SSL certificates ? will I need to install only 1 and use it for "www.myhome.com" and the same under ""nas.myhome.com" and same for "unifi,myhome.com" ? or will I need 3 SSL certficiates ?

Thanks for clearing this