We have been testing our LAN and WAN to find issues connecting to a particular site.
When we test our internal LAN we get speed tests of 800-980 Mbps running across our internal LAN, but when we run tests to the exact same machine running LST Server outside our internal network all tests are capping around 200 Mbps. This is on a 500 Mbps fiber connection.
We also had our provider run tests from their side to our machine both when it was behind our firewall and when it was connected directly to their NID and speed tests were capped at around 200 Mbps.
Is anyone aware of any issues speed testing across a layer 2 WAN?
Or is there something else that we are just not seeing?
The documentation for LST and LST Server both say that it can be used to test your WAN but I'm just wondering if there is a cap on what it will show going across a layer 2 WAN/network, or if there truly is an issue somewhere with our connection.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,