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Thread: Article: Old laptop Mini PCI wireless N shootout, is it really worth the upgrade?

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    Article: Old laptop Mini PCI wireless N shootout, is it really worth the upgrade?

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    I realize this post is 3 years old, but for the benefit of anyone else that is referred here by google and trying to decide if they should upgrade their wireless card in the dinosaur of a laptop they still use, yes you should. It's still available on Amazon for $20.
    The problem with waking the card from sleep/hibernation the author mentioned is resolved by simply disabling the power management for it in windows. I hate to be the one that tells you this, but your 10 year old laptop sucks at power management anyway. I bought this card for an old Gateway that I still use and am irrationally attached to. I am happy to report that the Atheros chipset in the TP-Link card is supported out of the box by current linux kernels.
    Installing this card allowed me to finally retire my old 54G router that I had still been using as a "legacy" access point to my home network. Running a current N router in mixed mode DOES slow down your entire network, which was unacceptable. Use of this card now gets me the whole 50/10 internet access that I pay for on this machine, where previously I was limited to around 15mbits download through the 54G access point.


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