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Thread: Appears to hang fatally

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    Appears to hang fatally


    I got a copy of your Lite version to make some real wold tests over a wide area link. The program appeared to write the data very quickly but it never showed an upload speed. Some blue text appeared once the data had been written saying something like "trying to close file". I unselected the option to delete the files after use but that had no effect. It never got as far as doing a download. I was running the program on Win7 SP1 onto a file server. I tried two different Windows servers - on 2003 and one 2008R2, I had full permissions to the shares. Any ideas?

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    Hi Robin,

    With the new version of LAN Speed Test (Lite) - (not LAN Speed Test), I have noticed on certain machines where the write data seems to finish very quickly, but then waits on 'Trying to close file' until the write is completely finished. In other words, I've never seen LAN Speed Test (Lite) lock up, just not in total sync with the actual write and what it's displaying. The test does finish, and the testing results are accurate. How big was your test file? If you leave it alone, does it move on to the read and give you accurate testing results?



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