I like the app since it gives me the ability to simplify offloading photos from her phone, for my non-computer-literate wife. However, the next step is to be able to view the (1000's) of photos on the NAS drive and to later download, back onto the phone, those she wants to show again to others. Like cloud storage, the upload time on an NAS drive is very much slower than when the photo is on the phone/SD. There are many apps to view pictures stored on the phone/SD, fewer that view pictures on the cloud and very few that do this for NAS drives. Ever fewer that make it simple and none that can do this fast. Sweet home is great at making storing simple. How about extending the app to make viewing and downloading simple.
My ideal would be:
When the photo is uploaded to the NAS drive, create a thumbnail of the photo at the same time (and store this with the photo). A viewer would then show these thumbnails in different sizes, depending on the number pictures selected per page. This would be much faster than scrolling through the full pictures. The pictures shown can be selected by date or date range. By clicking on the thumbnail, the full picture is shown.
A long click on the full picture will allow a delete or a download. The download location on the phone is set in the preferences.