I just organized and posted a number of LST/LST Server Test results, and towards the end of assembling the submission, something started nagging at me. It appears that for the same test, the Server Test Result file lists the same value for the 'Write Speed' as the .csv file (the Client log). I checked through the rest of my results, and found an identical correspondence.
The reason this intrigued me is as follows: It is my understanding that the client is 'writing', the Server is 'reading', and visa versa (sort of the nature of transmission through the Net). For this reason, I would expect that the Client's 'Write Speed' to be similar to the Server's 'Read Speed', and visa versa. But in my results, the Client's 'Write Speed' (as noted in the .csv file) is identical to the Server's 'Write Speed' (from the 'Test Results' file). And similarly, the 'Read Speeds' also match. Could it be that a column pair (or its labels) got swapped? Or have I missed something?
Please advise.
Thanks for your time.