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Thread: Log File - RTT

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    Log File - RTT


    I've been running some speed tests over a wireless bridge pair, logging the results. There is an entry "RTT (LST Server)" that is in milliseconds. I couldn't find any description of this in the help file. My best guess is it means Round Trip Time.

    Can you explain what this value is?

    Also, in the CSV file, when the units for read and write speed are listed in a column separate from the values. This makes charting easy. However, in "RTT (LST Server)", the units are appended to the values. In order to chart this value, you have to strip out the units in an editor before opening the file as a spreadsheet. Please consider treating RTT the same as the other values.


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    Hi Rah,

    Correct, RTT is Round Trip Time. If you open your debug window (Config -> Debug Window) and run a test to LST Server (must be at least v1.3), you will notice two RTT's. The first one (Ping Respnse RTT) is the ping response (same as running ping from cmd window - not real accurate especially with fast response times) and the other (LST Server Respnse RTT) is the actual time it takes to send a small amount of data to LST Server and get it back again (much more accurate). The LST Server Response (RTT) is the one that gets logged.

    Also, thanks for the request. I've made note of this for the next update.



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