About 5 years ago, I ran cat5e through the house. The main run is about 250' (to snake from the crawl space patch panel area to the family room). There are then smaller runs, but this is the one I'm most curious about right now.
It was run with cat5e solid UTP that I bought at Home Depot.

My setup has a Synology 4 Bay NAS drive on one end and a MacMini on the other. The Mini uses the NAS as a storage server. There are lots of reasons for this set up, but the point is that.
With that setup, moving files from one to the other was about 8-10MB/sec.
Recently, I moved the NAS drive to sit next to the Mini, connected at a 5 port Gigabit switch.
Obviously, those speeds are closer to what you'd expect with cat5e, ~30MB/sec.
So, I think I did a pretty good job running the cable and connecting to the jacks. I used Leviton QuickConnect cat5e wall jacks as terminators. (A former stage electrician and framing carpenter, I'm handy enough to be trouble)

So, I'm wondering if the length of the run might be better served by cat6 cable in the same place?
The cables currently run, in parts, in near proximity to electrical lines, etc, so I'm not sure if that's more of a factor than the cable type. Given the multitude of potential influences on such a situation, I know it's not an exact science, just wanted to ask though.

Thanks all