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Thread: Slow speed LAN Speed

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    Slow speed LAN Speed

    I would like some assistance with finding out why my speed is so slow.

    I have attached my LOG and debug and screen bump of test.

    I am using a Billion router 7800nxl with only 1 computer attached to the LAN, using cat 6 Ethernet cables.

    I have tried the speed with present Billion firmware and I have upgraded to latest firmware with no change.

    I have unplugged all other LAN devices and it hasn't changed the speed at all.

    I have shutdown my kaspersky anti virus software and also closed down as many running programs and processes as possible.

    Still hasnt altered my LAN speed at all.

    My internet speed is very very good.

    I have altered the Packet size to 1mb x 2 packets

    Writing = 27,434.8422 mbps
    Reading = 807.6035840 mbps

    Is there anything else I can do to find out why my lan speed is terrible.

    Waitng with antisipation

    Ok.... this threat can now be deleted.

    I tested the cable to my computer and found it to be faulty. (Brand new Cat6)

    I have replaced the cable and I am now getting reasonable speeds... nothing fantastic but acceptable.

    I have altered the Packet size to 10mb x 10 packets

    Writing = 354.5352960 mbps
    Reading = 421.4057040 mbps

    Happy NOW.
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    Hi Muddy,

    Thanks for the info! I've ran into this situation before too. It was a hard one to figure out because one day it was working just fine, and the next day my reads were really slow with the writes being normal. Finally figured out it was the cable as well.

    I'm going to keep the thread because it might help some others with the same problem.

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