I've bought LSTv2 and used it a lot, so when I saw V3 was out and it actually directly solved a problem I have (Ability to run properly from a command line against multiple fileservers) I bought it straight away. Well worth the pint of beer it costs.

I use it to monitor the performance of a remote fileserver over a WAN link. It's been very useful as we've tweaked our fileserver config and seen a direct performance improvement (Tcp window size on netapp, but I digress)

So I'm running a performance test from the command line, with teh settings:

I'm getting for read 25.5 Mbps <- Which is pretty much the same as old versions and makes sense

For Reading 1,9568 Mbps <- Which is impossible given the local LAN is only 100Mb and previous I would get ~80Mbps

Here's the command line I used

C:\Program Files (x86)\LAN Speed Test>LAN_SpeedTest.exe /D1 ("\\fileserver\fileshare$",0,10000,1000,0,1,0,1 )

Or if I try another one

C:\Program Files (x86)\LAN Speed Test>LAN_SpeedTest.exe /D1 ("\\anotherfileserver\data2$",0,1000000,10,0,1,0,1 )

I get
2017 Mbps for write and 100Mpps for read.

I've done a bit more testing and, in summary, I think the figures reported are nonsense.

The older tool provides reasonable, repeatable stats.

What's up?