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Thread: How bad to run Ethernet along with power over a short distance?

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    How bad to run Ethernet along with power over a short distance?

    As an Electronic Tech, I know data and power should be separated whenever possible. I am in one of those not possible conditions.
    I dug a 40' trench from my house to the garage. The only entrance into the garage through the concrete slab (and brick veneer) is a 2.5" electrical power conduit. I do not want to drill through the brick or mortar. I snaked through the conduit and ran a pull string. The run where data and power would be together is about 4 feet, from the exterior underground into the raised interior power panel. After that I will separate them out again. (I know running them within 2' of each other is a code violation)

    I plan to run exterior grade cat6 UTP since I have the 40' underground span (in conduit), probably another 50' up and in my attic to a switch, and then 25' in the garage to a switch. I'm hoping the cat6 will alleviate more of the EMI from the power cables over Cat5e. All this because I was not satisfied with the wireless repeater solution I had in there.

    I've done a bunch of reading and there are mixed feelings about using shielded cable if it can not be properly bonded.
    Would you worry much about the 4' where the cables are bundled together?

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    Hey Coastie, as you stated it's not the ideal situation, but in this case it's more the lesser of two evils. I've had to do the very same thing in some of our walls and it hasn't seem to have affected my throughput or stability at all.
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