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Thread: Write speeds correct, read speeds incorrect

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    Write speeds correct, read speeds incorrect

    I have installed both LAN Speed Test and LAN Speed Test server on two different machines (Win 7 x64 and Win Server 2008 x64). I configured the test for one packet at 1GB size. The write test completes with a speed of 64.34 MBps in 16 seconds. But the read takes considerably longer, yet the results say 80.69 MBps and only 12.6 seconds to run...which is incorrect. I have a bandwidth monitor and it shows about 30 MBps and it takes about 35 seconds to run. Is there a reason for this?

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    Hi, yes there actually is When the server writes back to the client there is a lot of communication behind the scenes telling the client what is going on (to stop lock ups on disconnects, etc.). The timer stops and starts appropriately. This communication does not have to happen when the client is sending the packets to the server - that's why the write goes quicker. Also, your bandwidth monitor will show a slower result because it is timing the much smaller communication packets that aren't included in the test packets.



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