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Thread: NAS Choice

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    NAS Choice

    I'm looking for a single drive NAS . You have and recommend the Synology DS111 but looking at the speed charts over at it seems like the QNAP TS-119p+ is the clear winner of the read write speed test. Should I be considering this or is the DS111 a superior device?

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    I believe Tim only has the lower model DS110j on the NAS charts, and not the DS111? The DS111 and TS-119P+ have close to the same specs and should be pretty comparable. The DS111 has 256mb of memory whereas the TS-119P+ has 512mb. This could come in to play if you use the NAS to run lots of apps. I run Logitech Media Server, Web station, Surveillance Station, and a few others and haven't had any problem with memory on the DS111. At the end of the day you won't notice much difference in performance between the two and it probably comes down to pricepoint. Both Synology and QNAP have very nice interfaces.
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