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    LanSpeedTest MAC vs Windows

    I'm experiencing similar things. Getting very low write speeds. I have windows in bootcamp and LST works perfectly there. So there seems to be a bug in

    nielshojen 2 Days Ago Go to last post

    LanSpeedTest MAC vs Windows

    We are seeing some interesting rules using LanSpeedTest in our environment with a mixture of MAC's and PC's.

    Using a MAC, connecting to

    DarrenBarrick 4 Days Ago Go to last post


    Hi guys, curly here; I haven't forgot about you.
    I have a short update and will follow with more complete test results to illustrate the solution;

    curly 2 Weeks Ago Go to last post
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    Repurposing a TiVo Series 2, Part 2: The build

    Hi, this is a cool idea, I have one of these lying around. What did you use to cut the metal? I... Go to last post

    BigTechie805 5 Days Ago