View Full Version : LAN Speed Test v3.2 has just been released!

Pete Totushek
11-20-2012, 02:16 PM
Here's the scoop...

v3.2 - (11/20/12) - Fourteenth Public Release
A - Ability to email results with built in SMTP mail client. Results can be emailed manually when pressing the email button, automatically after each test, or only when results are below your setpoint.
A - Added the new Email feature to Command Line options
B - 'Log File' option always started enabled intead of honoring the last used setting
B - In certain situations, LAN Speed Test would not automatically log results - even with 'Log File' enabled
C - Help updated with new features

v3.1 - (10/24/12) - Thirteenth Public Release
B - In certain situations (Win7 to Win7 shared folder), the timer would stop after the packet was sent to the local cache instead of the drive's cache. This would cause the write results and throughputs to show a lot faster than it should.
B - In certain situations (Win7 to Win7 shared folder), the last packet being read was already cached and would cause the read results and max throughput to show faster than it should.